Case Study: A Big Bump for Restaurant Traffic

busy restaurant

A luxurious historical estate property was converted into a high-end destination eatery and events venue. Although the business already had a website, it did not accurately reflect the richness of the brand. The company wanted to update the site and create a social media strategy to to drive foot traffic, sales and event bookings.


The existing website had minimal traffic. Although the brand had a flourishing Facebook following, they had few followers on other social media.

The client wanted to upgrade the website to feature beautiful images, and include restaurant menus, event booking forms, press clips and a rich story about the location and staff. The client wanted to shift its Facebook traffic to the new website. They wanted more website traffic overall, in order to drive online event bookings and restaurant reservations.


During a thorough discovery phase with the client, we identified the brand’s best stories, and created a publishing model to convey those to customers. Using a “core content” framework, we designed and built a new website to tell the brand story with big beautiful images. We added an on-message blog to generate a regular flow of fresh content designed to boost SEO results and web traffic.

To hit the business goals, we focused bi-weekly blog posts on the client’s location, food and events. We created a strategy to repurpose that blog content via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with 4-5 posts per week per channel.


During the six-week period after rolling out the new website, the company saw significant gains:

  • Instagram followers grew from a handful to over 1000.
  • Website page views jumped from essentially zero to an average of 700 page views per day.
  • For the three days after each a new blog post, daily page views jumped to over 1200, for an average 59% bump in website traffic during that three-day period.
  • The events team scheduled seven new high-end events.
  • Dinner reservations leaped from sporadic to completely booked, and walk-in traffic also dramatically increased.

The regular bi-weekly bump in website traffic actually surpassed the bump the website received when the client earned a stellar review in the local newspaper. In other words, the blog and social media strategy was more effective (and more frequent) than earning a top-notch review.

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