Client List – past engagements and works in progress

  • American Express
  • The Boathouse Restaurant Group
  • Cellpoint Mobile
  • E*Trade
  • Edible Richmond
  • Fuel Rewards
  • Points.com
  • Richmond Restaurant Group




These tips can help free up some time in your busy schedule so you can focus on the things that really matter. –American Express OPEN



White Papers and Case Studies 

LoyaltyOne’s 2013 Mobile App Transaction Study shows that, when leveraged correctly, the right branded app can capture consumer attention and increase both transaction volume and total earnings. More importantly, the study shows which tools boost engagement and can help maintain those higher numbers over the long term.  —LoyaltyOne



The YMCA saw a 6% lift in incremental visits versus the control group, and a 3% lift in year-over-year visits, an impressive result compared to the goal of 1-2%. —LoyaltyOne 





Traditional Media

specialty_blades.03Small-business owners can take some credit for the increase in overall manufacturing sales, which rose by 20% between 2002 and 2006, according to census data. What’s driving this resurgence? One word: innovation. — CNN Money 





matt paxtonAs he took on more hoarding clients, Mr. Paxton quickly noticed that the messier the job, the less likely his competitors were to take it. “I realized this was where we needed to go,” he says. Not only could he charge a premium, but the emotional rewards were great. In extreme cases, clients have been contacted by authorities and are close to losing their homes or their children.  –Wall Street Journal


bellizi“I remember sitting there thinking it couldn’t be true,” Sands says. She was about to turn 55. “All the female relatives in my family have lived into their 90s. My goal was to make it to 100.” She had recently launched a new ranching business and had aggressive plans for growth. But now Sands had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, with a cancerous lymph node in her neck and a bigger one near her stomach. –CNN Money 




hoarders“The Secret Lives of Hoarders is much more than harrowing tales of attacking the ugliest, dirtiest, and most shocking hoarding cases in the country. It is a behind-the-scenes look at this hidden epidemic- what it means, how to recognize it before it gets out of hand, and how to deal with it.” (Perigee Trade Press)


growing biz cover“Hise’s book Growing Your Business Online is probably the best text out there for those intelligent laypeople who aspire to profit and succeed on the Internet. The book shows you exactly how some small and mid-capitalization firms are actually putting the internet to good use….presented in a clear, easy to read fashion.” (Owl Books)


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